What is this ‘new normal’​ you speak of?

What is this ‘new normal’​ you speak of? April 27, 2020

There’s a lot of new phrases we are hearing in our day to day right now. Some need no explanation, like, “these are unprecedented times!” Others leave us eye rolling, like “toilet paper hoarding.” Andthen there is this one “we are now living in a new normal.”

By definition, ‘new normal’ is an oxymoron and one that has been used in other situations, not just during a pandemic. New parents, for example are told they are about to face a ‘new normal’ once baby arrives.

However, unlike parenthood, COVID recovery does not come with a playbook. No-one actually knows what this ‘new normal’ post C-19 looks like. Like many of us, I have attended numerous webinars, Q&A’s and networking meetings to assist with the complete muddle we find ourselves in. And yes, along with ZOOM ‘burnout’, I’ve heard some fascinating and believable predictions.

Workplaces will change. Cleaning schedules in office spaces will be increased and expect to see a lot more sanitiser. On desks, in kitchens, bathrooms and in reception areas. But it won’t stop at improved hygiene!

I’d like to ‘work from home’.This phrase now holds incredible value for both employees and employers. No-one can deny, it’s now possible. Office space can be downsized, saving employers reduced overheads, insurances and amenities, while employees have a real chance at negotiating flexible working conditions.

Don’t stand so close to me! We’ve now been well trained in the art of social distancing. Our personal space is like a visible aura around each of us. One can only hope that this remains and curbs future influenza season fatalities.

Consumables Consumables!How and what we consume has dramatically changed. We have learnt to go without. Sure some things we miss, badly. Yet other things we may not rush back for. What will you continue to live without?

Disposable Incomes. Hmmm, affordability is a big one. Will we go for more credit or will we make some serious changes so that going forward we don’t live life so financially close to the edge that we venture into dangerous territory within weeks. Will we start to save again for that rainy day? Now that we have experienced the absolutely massive torrential downpour called Corona?

We’re all hearing from the media, fueling speculation about our future and this ‘new normal’, but has anyone actually asked us? At Cherry Bamboo we want to know. And we know the only way to find out… is to ask!

We’re about to embark on a COVID Response survey, to request the opinion of everyday Aussies. The goal is to see just how you are all feeling about some of these things.

If you’re curious about the results of this survey or have a burning question you would like answered, simply send us an email. And let’s work to unravel the mystery behind this ‘new normal’ we are all about to face!

Cheryl Lardner, Founder Cherry Bamboo

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash