What We Do


First Impressions in 7 Seconds

Key Benefits

  • A Fresh Set of Eyes
  • Digital Footprint Health Check
  • Peer to Peer Reviews Investigation
  • Bricks & Mortar Assessment
  • Report & Recommendations

‘The Fi.’

First impressions last. Science has discovered it takes the human brain 7 seconds to form a judgement on something or someone, from the first interaction…7 seconds!

We can be your fresh eyes and ears and assess the first impression you are making to your customer. We will run a health check audit across your digital assets and your bricks & mortar. Additionally, we arm you with an easy to read report and recommendations.

Who and What is your Brand?

Key Benefits

  • Understanding of Brand Presence
  • The Story Behind the Brand
  • Colour Palette & Codes
  • Guidelines for Logo & Fonts
  • Brand Character Descriptors
  • Tone of Voice, the Do’s & Don’ts
  • Creative Messaging Guidance

‘Brand Character & Guidelines’

Your brand has a personality, just like you do. If it has happened naturally, then chances are you may not be capitalising on it. What are its colours, what is its tone of voice, and what language should you use?

What is the promise you make to your customers? Knowing this and having them all in one easy to use document will be a guiding tool for you in managing all of your communication to your ideal customer.

Your Customer is a Human Being!

Key Benefits

  • Discovery of Customer Segments
  • Clear Journey Mapping Touch Points
  • Identifying Breakthrough Internal Opportunities
  • Develop Empathy for your Customers
  • Creation & Design of Customer Journey Map
  • Initiate a Customer-Centric Culture

‘Customer Journey Mapping’

Understanding who your customers are, what is important to them and knowing how they feel can be a game changer in how we communicate to them and how we attract and keep them.


Add empathy mapping to this and we can start to really understand the triggers that lead to conversion and start to forecast potential drop-outs. 

Finding Your Advertising Place

Key Benefits

  • A B2C or B2B Strategy | Keep & Grow
  • A B2C or B2B Market Approach
  • Assistance in Advertising Execution
  • Greater Understanding of the Digital Landscape

‘Marketing Efficiency’

Once you have a clear understanding of your customer segments, how they think and how they feel about your brand, it will be time to start building a strategy to find them, keep them and grow them.


This component works as an addition to the Customer Journey Mapping program, and we will provide you with ideation and the tools and resources you will need to start marketing efficiently and stop throwing money at the wrong things.