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Who are your Customers?

Key Benefits

  • Fully Designed Persona Profiles
  • Customer Pain Points Revealed
  • Identify Customer Motivations & Expectations
  • Communication Guidelines
  • CX Playbook (Part 1)

‘Personas, Values & Character Development’

As much as we’d all love to, we can’t be everything to everybody. Knowing who your primary customer segments are and how to best communicate with them, is paramount to create the kind of experience they will love.

We will take you through a series of exploratory questions to help you discover who your ideal customers are, and who offers the highest yield. This program will also uncover the values and the character of your business, which in turn will create a strong communication platform both internally and to your customers.

The experience from your Customers perspective!

Key Benefits

  • Understand each stage of the Customer Journey
  • Discover Touchpoint Opportunities
  • Identify Breakthrough Internal Changes
  • Tap in to Customer Empathy
  • A Fully Designed Customer Journey Map
  • Implement a Customer-Focussed Culture
  • Full Edition CX Playbook

‘Customer Journey Mapping’

The practice of journey mapping the experience that your customer has with your business, will completely transform how you strategise. Priorities will surface quickly, and you will hold the power to make real changes in real time.

This hands-on program will guide you through your customers experience, one touch point at a time. Many businesses have been able to implement changes overnight! Once you can visually see your customers experience in a map, from your customers perspective, you will be astounded at how quickly solutions and opportunities will reveal themselves.

Not sure what your Customers are thinking? Let’s ask them!

Key Benefits

  • Fully Customised Surveys
  • Collaboration of Question Format
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Highlights & Lowlights Analysis
  • Consumer Sentiment

‘Audience Insight Surveys’

The best way to discover what your customers want, need and desire, is quite simply to ask them. Leaving it to another feedback form after they use your product or service, may mean missing out on repeat business, advocacy and data validation.

Conducting meaningful and compelling surveys to your current customers, subscribers and prospects, will enable powerful listening into what people really think about your business or brand. Hearing the voice of your customer will provide a transformational tool, complementing and validating your thoughts regarding your customers experience. 

Transform your business by becoming a Customer Journey Mapper!

Key Benefits

  • Knowing when to Journey Map
  • Mapping Resource Checklist
  • Ability to Facilitate Mapping Workshops
  • Long Term Results for Customer Success

‘Journey Mapping Training’

Journey mapping is a practice that all good businesses are adopting at a rapid rate. Building the practice into your quarterly planning or when a product or service changes, will fast track your customer acquisition, success, and financial growth. We will train you or your internal customer experience champions.


This training is an option following your first journey mapping program to develop your internal team or individuals ability to perform journey mapping on a regular basis, to ensure continued customer success improvements.